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 I will be available in the CBD from 10am - 8pm. To inquire about or secure a booking, please make contact via email or SMS after reading through my advertisement (see below for links to my other ads) and my website. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. If a phone call is required, we will schedule one closer to the session time.

Everyone's got one. They're everywhere, really, and yet we attempt to deny, sanitise, or otherwise suppress this fact of life. If you treat them well, they have the potential to give you unprecedented pleasure.

(If you haven't solved the riddle yet, the answer is: arseholes.)

I'm over pretending that the anus is better left unexplored. I've seen too much evidence to the contrary, so I've made it a bit of a personal goal to get more people on board with their butts. And guess what? You're next!

Anal play is an under-explored pathway to pleasure for people of all genders. A taste for it bears zero relationship to your sexual orientation, and to be honest, I can't really imagine anything more straight than having a beautiful woman between your legs, slowly and expertly opening you up to the exquisite sensation to be experienced there, caressing your cock and balls as she brings your awareness to the entire pelvic region with her touch.

And that's before we even get to the prostate.

Anal play can take many forms, from gentle stimulation with fingers to things like insertion, vibration, rimming, fisting, plugs, strap-on sex, and more. If you're an experienced player, let's talk about how best to get you into the state you need to be in to take whatever I have to give you. If you're new to anal play, we'll spend time breathing, relaxing, and setting the scene for you to become and remain open to new sensations.

I have years of training and experience with this type of play, and it's such a pleasure to share it with others. Butt stigma is boring. Come over to my place and get over yours.

$250 / 30 mins
$350 / 60 mins
$500 / 90 mins
  • Darwin: Body Rubs